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Listen, Uplift & Vent Programs

Under LUV (Listen, Uplift & Vent) Programs the learner will learn how to regulate themselves in a healthy manner, through practical tools, exercises and reading. 

The interactive aspect of the program aims to ensure that content is relatable & engaging, thus increasing motivation & engagement, whilst allowing the learners to identify that they are not alone in their thoughts.

The Self-LUV workshops are specifically designed for teenage girls who are in need of professional help in order to uplift, empower, promote self-LUV and raise self-esteem in a constructive & holistic manner. They are specifically designed to enhance the feeling of self-LUV and Mental Wellbeing among young females.

LUV Employability is skill-based training that is holistic; focusing on all aspects of employability, including confidence, mindset, attitudes and motivation, for people who want/ need to retrain or acquire new skills would be the best route, especially with the changing world of work, as well navigating the world, post pandemic. 

One of our flagship programmes is the Equality, Diversity and Racial Acceptance training for School Staff, Pupils, Management Committees and Parents. Since being released in 2020, the programme has been an overwhelming success in Schools and the wider community. 

The Programme revolves around understanding diversity and inclusion on a much deeper level whilst helping people understand the need to embrace cultural and community cohesion through acceptance and understanding.

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