LUV ladies


A Private Women's Facebook Group Founded in 2017.

#LUV ❤ is an exclusive group for women

Here to lend an ear to LISTEN

Here to lend a hand to UPLIFT

Here to lend a platform to VENT

My name is Sara Maynard I am 37 years old and a mother of one daughter aged 11

For as long as I can remember I have found it difficult being ‘MYSELF’ This has been due to other people’s judgements and expectations of me.

I also feel like I’ve never really been surrounded by ‘love’ so have found that I have been searching for ‘love’ or the feeling of love most of my adult life, whether that be from family, friends or a partner.

Due to the lack of ‘love’ in my life I very often feel alone and many times just wish I had someone there who would just ‘LISTEN’ to me rather than tell me what they think I need/should do or make judgements on the decisions I’ve made.

There have been many days I’ve wanted to VENT on social media as I feel it to be my only output and a way to express myself. I am aware in doing so I am opening up myself to be judged and criticised by others for ‘posting my business’ ‘being an attention seeker’

I felt like I needed to create platform for women like myself who are sometimes struggling with things in life and may feel alone and have no one to just VENT to or someone to give non judgemental advice or women who need UPLIFTING.

This group is a private WOMENS ONLY page. Ladies let’s start supporting each other!!! Ladies let’s UNITE ❤️ #LUV 

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