Live Your Truth!!

How many of you are truly living in your truth??

Do you use social media as a way to escape your truth?

I believe that we are living in a time where we are afraid to be ourselves, in case we offend someone or in fear of judgement. Many of us are not able to speak about how we may be feeling or thinking as we believe our opinion may not be welcomed.

Whether it be a friendship, a relationship with your significant other or a family member, many of us at some point have suppressed how we really feel or want to please others.

I always saw myself as a strong, outgoing, take no nonsense people person. But what I realised is that I was actually a people pleaser!! Wanting to be that good, reliable friend, be the girl my significant other wanted me to be, the best sister. Yet I found myself constantly in situations where I was unable to truly express how I felt without being judged in some way.

Over the years these situations continued to occur and I began to feel really low about myself and doubt the kind of person I believed I was.


I knew deep down that I did love me, I was just allowing other peoples thoughts and opinions cloud my judgement about how I felt about ME! When in reality it was just their opinions and not always the right one. I know I have my faults, show me someone who doesn’t have any,

It was at this point I realised I had to REALLY look into myself, who I truly am and what I stand for. I looked at my positives and my negative traits, looking where I could make improvements to better me to be a better version of ME.

I now and forever will continye to LIVE MY TRUTH!! be more aware of my negatives, my triggers and reactions. This allowed me to gain back power and no one can no longer use my negative traits against me as their opinions no longer affect me.

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