When we think of mental health, most of us imagine someone who is maybe unkempt, acting crazy, talking to themselves or perhaps someone who they see suffering from a drug or alcohol problem.

Never, when we think of mental health and what a sufferer may look like would we think they look like ME!!

I suffered with my mental health for many years. It took me to look deep into my life journey and personal healing for me to see where/when it all began for me.

I used to get up most days and have to live a life that I was unhappy living, live a life where I felt unloved, a life where I felt like I could not truly be happy due to bad decisions I’ve made and the feeling of not being accepted for who I am.

I was in debt, lonely, a single mother with only a few people in my life, with very little support.

What made things even harder for me was that I felt like I was unable to truly express how I felt for various reasons…. The domestic abuse I suffered and the lack of support in my life had me feeling suicidal at times. There were days I would be at work and the tears would just flow down my face as I sat at my desk because I was just so unhappy in my life.

Over the years I supported all my ‘friends’ through their hard times but found it hard to find anyone who was there for me when I was in my lowest and darkest place.

I started to express myself on my Facebook, but then I found that I would get judged by people who thought I was looking for attention and question the integrity of what I was saying. At that point I was at a total loss as I felt I had nowhere to turn, harbouring all this pent-up anger and nowhere to vent about it as I felt no one could empathise or relate.

It was at this point that I decided to create a private women’s group on Facebook, knowing there were women out there who felt the same way as me. I wanted to create a space where other women and myself could feel safe to speak their truth, without fear of judgement.

By creating this safe space, I was able to truly vent when I was feeling low, at home and alone with no one to turn to. I now had a group of women who would be there to uplift me at the touch of a button. The community of women started to grow, and it showed me, that sometimes we go through things and think we are alone but there are so many women going through similar situations and it is nice to have someone who could relate.

Since 2017, LUV Ladies have been supporting each other, and every week the group continues to grow. If you would like to become part of the LUV Ladies community, please click the link below (women only)




Please join our Private Women’s Facebook Group 

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