About LUV

Listen Uplift Vent CIC was created to provide women and young girls with a platform to develop, grow and be the best that they can possibly be. LUV CIC is built around three key fundamental values, which are:


We provide space and opportunities to inspire self belief, supporting more women to reach their potential.


We provide a range of programs that help girls and women acquire the necessary skills to become more resilient, more skilled and have a greater level of knowledge on aspects that are important in their lives.


We increase self belief and self-LUV in girls and women so that they can be elevated which will help them have continued growth and success. LUV CIC provides a range of targeted interventions that seek to motivate, inspire and impart lasting change in women of all ages and backgrounds.

Meet The Team

Sara Maynard= Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Sara Maynard is the founder and CEO of Listen Uplift Vent CIC

She is a single mother who has had first-hand experience of raising a family within inner city communities. Experiencing and identifying the need required by ladies of all ages, has driven her to create the company & develop products and services designed around the three core values of Empower, Educate and Elevate.

Sara has a range of professional training and qualifications including Mentoring, Business Administration, Employment Law, Life Coaching and Counselling. Her most recent job role is Support Manager and she has spent nearly a decade working for the NHS as a Mental Health Administrator.

She is the author of #IAM positive affirmations, a guide that takes women through a powerful self-discovery journey in order to gain self-confidence, esteem and worth.

As CEO, Sara is responsible for the management of the overall operations and resources at LUV and ensures the brand maintains its integrity, whilst delivering high-value products in line with the company ethos.

Mohammed Juned = Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Mohammed Juned has been involved in running small businesses for over 15 years now. Through the years, he has worked with a variety of organisations across the public, private, statutory, community and third sector. He has been involved in project management, programme management office as well as regeneration and has worked as a professional bid writer, successful in grant funding of some notable works within the sports sector. 

In addition to this, he has overseen the performance management of a multitude of projects including Birmingham’s 2018 Host City Bid for the World Cup and the 12.5-million-pound redevelopment of Aston Hall and Park. Over the years, he has supported in creating strategies for change and have helped organisations develop their business and operational planning process.

Mohammed is the CFO at Listen Uplift Vent CIC, responsible for supporting the organisation to achieve its strategic priorities and create an infrastructure that is conducive to the vision and values of the organisation.

With an oversight on finances and project management, Mohammed ensures all projects are performance managed to the highest of standards and oversees the key stakeholder relationships we host with our partners, clients and service users.

Adella Fletcher = Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Adella Fletcher is the COO of Listen Uplift Vent CIC and a mother to three daughters. Her personal experience living & working within inner city communities has developed her passion and produced an innate drive within her to support, uplift and empower women and girls.

She has experience working as a Mentor to High-Risk Offenders, a youth worker in the USA for ‘at risk’ youth and has volunteered as a Befriender and at a well-being drop-in service for under 25-year-olds. She has over a decade experience in the Welfare to Work industry, with her most recent job role being a Support Manager.

Adella is a Bachelor of Science (with Honours) in Psychology and possesses additional qualifications in Information, Advice & Guidance and Motivational Interviewing, with over 7 years’ delivery experience.

Her passion & desire to unleash potential in other women and young girls, supporting them on their journey to become the best version of themselves is the driving, motivating force behind everything she does at LUV.

Adella is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operational functions at LUV, ensuring the company runs efficiently and adhere to the vision & ethos of the brand.